Cow Green Reservoir

Cow Green Reservoir in Durham is renowned as much for the elusive wild Brown Trout as the plentiful supply of regularly stocked Rainbow’s.

For a unique experience fly fishing in Durham be sure to cast a fly line near the river mouth at Cow Green Reservoir. This is all to often the setting for monumental battles with healthy Brown Trout in their most natural environment.
For more information about fly fishing in Durham at Cow Green Reservoir call Northumbria Water on 0870 2403549

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  1. Jim Munden Says:

    Rainbow trout plentifully stocked in Cow Ggreen Reservoir? Pull the other leg!!!!!

  2. Retiarius Says:

    Cow Green’s a great fishery in my opinion. I’ve written a review of it here:


  3. p.boiston Says:

    Cow Green was the first wild brown trout fishery i had ever fished in the 70s .I have fished it every season since then .I have been once this season and hopefully i will get up there before another year passes.Lovelly hard fighting fish in the Last Wilderness in England needs supporting or we will loose it to Rainbow fisheries.Something Cow-Green has never been.P.Boiston

  4. Sam Harris Says:


    The first Sunderland Angling Show, which is being sponsored by Sunderland City Council, is planned for Friday, Saturday and Sunday 15th, 16th and 17th April, 2011. The show will be open to the public and will feature Game, Coarse, Carp and Sea Angling. Also on display will be boats and kayaks.

    As we have a meeting with Sunderland City Council on 7th December, I would very much appreciate if you could let us know if this will be of interest to your Company.

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    Exhibitors will be able to set up on Thursday 14th and take down on Monday 18th.

    The venue is about one mile from the Sunderland Marina and companies wishing to put boats into the marina will be able to make their own arrangements. About the same distance away is Roker beach, which is inside the harbour and Companies wishing to demonstrate kayaks will be able to do so there.

    I hope that this is of interest to your Company and look forward to hearing from you.

    Sam Harris
    Angling Journalist and Broadcaster
    BBC Radio Newcastle
    Newcastle Evening Chronicle

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